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Pre & Post Treatment

Care Instructions

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    Lash Extensions

    Your lash extensions are attached to your own individual eyelashes and will shed as natural lashes shed. Maintaining your lash extensions will require regular visits to attach new extensions (fill-in) as your eyelash growth cycle regenerates new lashes. With these simple care instructions, you will be on your way to enjoying luscious long lashes.

    Before your appointment

    • Avoid using waterproof mascara 2-3 days before the day of your first appointment.
    • Arrive at your appointment with dry, clean lashes and makeup-free eyes.
    • Avoid caffeine prior to your lash appointment to avoid shuttering eyelids.
    • Removing contact lenses before your appointment is optional but advised.

    During the initial 24-48 hours after your appointment

    • Avoid tanning beds for 48 hours after application.
    • Avoid chemical peels, waxing, or laser treatments around the eyes.

    General guidelines to extend the life of your lashes

    • Always be gentle with your new lashes. Avoid pulling or tugging at your extensions as it can damage the extensions, and don’t rub your eyes. Tugging will cause your natural lashes to fall out prematurely, and cause permanent damage to the hair follicle
    • Avoid strong or intense heat near the lashes such as blow dryers, ovens, grills, dishwashers, and flat irons – heat can crimp, singe, or loosen the curl of the lashes
    • Avoid oil-based makeup removers, eye products, or creams near the eyes. Apply eye creams, serums, or moisturizers SPARINGLY around the lashes. Don’t apply mascara on the lash extensions and do not use an eyelash curler on your extensions. Mascara will ruin them by closing the fans and give them a singed look. Don’t leave makeup sitting on your lashes overnight.
    • Do not perm or tint your eyelashes prior to your appointment or after
    • Apply sealant to your lashes once a day to extend the life of your extensions. It is best to comb through them right away after applying sealant with your dry mascara brush. If you wait too long, the sealant can harden and cause them to be pulled out when you brush them. For the fullest effect, comb and fluff daily.
    • Wash your lash extensions daily with a cleanser and a soft cleansing brush. Use upwards strokes letting the soapy foam clean between the lashes and rinse thoroughly. Do not use cotton rounds or q-tips on the eyelashes. Avoid running water over your face. Moisture will break down the bond of the glue.
    • Be gentle with the lash extensions, avoid getting them caught on clothes or towels. Sleep on your back, use a sleep mask made especially for lash extensions, or use silk pillowcases.
    • Gently comb through your dry lash extensions with a clean mascara wand. Use a sponge-tipped applicator to spot clean any stubborn make-up left at the lash line. Don’t comb too hard at the root as this is where your lashes have adhered. Sometimes, if you do not rinse your cleanser well, it can cause lashes to look stuck together. The best time to do this is after showering, as they will be softer and less likely to damage.
    • To extend the life of your lashes, please schedule touch-up appointments every 2-3 weeks and to keep your eyelashes looking fantastic. It’s important to keep your eye on retention (everyone’s lashes are different) and be mindful of how much time you should book for your fill when scheduling your next appointment!
    • Please see a trained technician to remove the extensions if you are having issues with them, do not pull them off yourself as this will damage your natural lashes
    • The client to experience loss of a few lashes during the 1st 24 hours after application. Don’t worry the extension will fall out with natural lash during its natural growth cycle. It’s normal to lose 2-4 lashes per day.

    If you experience any pain, redness, or irritation, contact your technician immediately.

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    To ensure maximum comfort and benefit after the treatment, it is important to follow the steps below at home:

    Aerobic exercise or vigorous physical activity should be avoided until all redness has subsided, at least 48 hours.

    Although SPF 30+ should already be a part of your daily skincare, after dermaplaning, SPF 30+ must be applied daily to the treated area for a minimum of two weeks.

    Twice daily cleanse the treated area with a post-treatment cleanser, followed by a serum or treatment cream, and follow with SPF 30+ sunscreen.

    Avoid makeup for at least 6 hours after treatment.

    Avoid any form of exfoliation for at least 7 days.

    Do not undertake any other facial skincare treatments within 48 hours of having the dermaplane treatment.

    Avoid direct heat, such as sauna, hot bath, shower, or hot hairdryer. Do not apply perfumed products to the treated area within 48 hours.

    If you have additional questions or concerns regarding your treatment or suggested home regimen, you will consult your esthetician immediately.

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    To ensure maximum comfort and benefit after the treatment, it is important to follow the steps below at home:

     Avoid applying heat to the waxed area for 12 to 24 hours. This includes hot baths, sauna, and steam.

    Use an anti-acne lotion for the face, back, and chest following the treatment and twice a day until breakouts are gone. Use only an anti-acne product recommended by your skincare professional.

    Avoid suntanning for 12 to 24 hours. This includes any strong ultraviolet (UV) light exposure or tanning bed treatments.

    Avoid applying highly fragranced products to the waxed area. This includes perfume, scented body lotions, antiperspirants, cosmetics, or feminine hygiene sprays. Only use professional products, recom­mended to you by the skincare therapist who performed the waxing service

    Avoid using harsh abrasive or exfoliates in the waxed area. However, if you are prone to in-grown hairs, the day after your waxing treatment, exfoliate the newly waxed area with a loofah to avoid future problems.

    Avoid applying high SPF sunblock to the waxed area for 12-24 hours after the waxing service. Sunscreen chemicals can be irritating to the newly waxed skin. This includes self-tanning products and tan accelerators.

    Any pinking of the skin should disappear within 6 to 8 hours after the waxing treatment. Slight pinking is normal and indicates that the hair was removed from the root, rather than superficially broken off, as in shaving. This is the reason that professional waxing lasts so much longer.

    For best results, repeat your professional waxing every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the area and your individual hair growth rate.

    If you have any questions about your waxing service or after-care at home, please do not hesitate to call your skincare therapist.

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    Spray Tanning

    How to prepare for your spray tan:

    • Remove all unwanted body hair prior to appointment
    • Exfoliate well prior to appointment
    • Complete any beauty treatments prior to tanning – pedicures, manicures, eyelash extensions, etc
    • Don’t use any bar soaps or oil-based body washes prior to the appointment

    On the day of your spray tan:

    • Don’t use any Dove products before or after your spray tan
    • Don’t wear makeup or jewelry
    • Don’t wear lotion, deodorant, or perfumes
    • Wear loose clothing
    • Wear flip flops if possible
    • Wear whatever you feel comfortable in during your appointment, disposable undergarments available

    How to care for your spray tan:

    • Use the tan extender lotion and body wash to extend the life of your tan
    • Let your tan set and finish developing during the recommended time
    • Avoid water while your tan is developing
    • Avoid tight clothing until after your 1st shower
    • Don’t apply lotions, deodorants, makeup, or perfumes until after your 1st shower
    • Tan doesn’t include SPF so please wear it after you shower
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    Chemical Peels

    Aerobic exercise or vigorous physical activity should be avoided for the first 48 hours.

    Direct sunlight exposure is to be completely avoided immediately following the treatment (including any strong UV light exposure and tanning beds). If some sun exposure cannot be avoided, first apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater. Sunscreen (with at least an SPF of 15) should become a part of your daily skincare regimen as your skin will become more sensitive to the sun as a result of this treatment.

    Cleanse your face with water or a mild soap substitute and gently moisturize 2 times a day.

    Do NOT apply any type of glycolic acid or exfoliation products as this can severely damage or irritate the skin during the entire healing process.

    DO NOT peel, rub, or scratch your skin at any time, whatsoever. This WILL cause damage and compromise your results as well as possibly cause severe scarring.

    If you experience painful areas of the face, contact your skincare therapist immediately, especially if you are prone to cold sores. Any blisters that form will need to be reported immediately.

    In the event that you may have additional questions or concerns regarding your treatment or suggested home product/post-treatment care, you must consult your therapist immediately.

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